"Neon Bible" en images!

Création d’un fan « freak » ou autre amuse-gueule en attendant ce fameux album?

NDLR: La section « comments » contient de nouveaux renseignements à ce sujet (merci Hervé).

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  1. Hervé

    Arcade Fire Reveal Tracklist, Release Date, More Shows
    « Do you remember how music used to make you feel? »

    It’s an Arcade Fire weekend!

    Barely 24 hours after revealing their second album’s first single, the band has unleashed a slew of information on their thirsty fans.

    According to a terrifically silly YouTube video posted by the band (and confirmed by their manager), Neon Bible will be out March 5 in Europe and March 6 in North America on Merge Records. It will contain the following songs, clips of which can be heard in said video:

    01 Black Mirror
    02 Keep the Car Running
    03 Neon Bible
    04 Intervention
    05 Black Wave/ Bad Vibrations
    06 Ocean of Noise
    07 The Well and the Lighthouse
    08 (Antichrist Television Blues)
    09 Windowsill
    10 No Cars Go
    11 My Body Is a Cage

    The album is « written, arranged, performed and produced by the Arcade Fire », with artwork by Tracy Maurice, the same artist behind Funeral’s design.

  2. Hervé

    ( ah oui, et y a un nouveau morceau sur leur site )


  3. Andre de Sorel

    Merci de confirmer Hervé!

    « Keep The Car Running » à l’air de faire référence à « No Cars Go », c’est mignon.